~ utilities for testing cryptographic hash functions

hashtest is software for measuring characteristics of cryptographic hash functions. The work done is a result of a degree thesis on the subject by Danko Ilik. It is being used in developing cryptographic hash functions at the Institute of Informatics, Macedonia.

It consists of utilities for:

The utilities are independent of implementations of specific hash functions, i.e. they are modular. The following (example) implementations [modules] of hash functions are bundled into the package:

Sample test results are available for these: testsresults.pdf (37K)

The thesis (in Macedonian) is available here: hashtest-thesis-mk.pdf (443K). It is primarily based on the following papers:

Binaries for Windows and Linux + source code (GPL): hashtest-0.1-src+bin-unix+windows.tar.gz (signature) or hashtest-0.1-src+bin-unix+windows.zip (signature)

If you are interested in using these utilities you ought to read the Usage and Extension Instructions.

The author is interested in hearing your comments.

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